All of our services are geared towards providing the best live event possible for all parties. This approach is the focal point from venue booking all the way to the most important element... your audience.

Whether you are looking to perform at an Indoor Arena or at an Outside Fairground, Touring Pro Events would love to help you secure the best venue. We will work with you and your team to locate a single venue for a one-night-only event or help you book your entire tour for you.

Let us book your next acts at your Arena, Fair, Concert, Festival, Race Track, and Special Events locations. We specialize in Live Motor SportingEvents, Bull Riding, Rodeos, Thrill Shows, Comedy Acts, Car Shows, Motocross, and Musical Acts with our existing clients and routing partners we create mini-tours with artists that help ensure financially sound artist confirmations.

Promotion is a necessity for any event as the means of informing interested people that an event will take place. Promotion requires a focused application of organization, branding, and outreach, and is dependent upon defining an interested demography. The proper promotion also relies on correct information about the event and the event sponsors. Since promotion is the domain of the marketing expert, the event must provide a distinct benefit that makes people want to attend, that marketing efforts may promise, with reasonable surety, a large enough audience to make the event a success.

Advertising to promote your events. The event advertising budget is of utmost importance to the success of any event, for advertising reaches out to a broad audience. Advertising provides the means for attracting an audience to an event of greater numbers, a more diverse demographic, and a more interested audience than invitations alone.

Specializing in bringing sponsors together with relevant events, organizations, non-profits, entertainment, sports, causes and would be TV properties, Touring Pro Events helps deliver the most cost-effective marketing vehicles in the form of relationships. We specialize in increasing sales through focused and targeted sales efforts – enhanced by out-of-the-box creativity. Through advanced research of prospective sponsors, extensive listening, industry knowledge, and a close working relationship with our clients. Touring Pro Events drives revenue with minimal cost or impact to the event/property.

We make it easy to find the best live event to reach your demographic so that you can engage directly with your brand's target audience. A live event is a perfect way to get direct access to your audience and show our dedicated fans that you are everywhere they need you to be.


Turnkey on-site sales solution for you live event merchandise sales.  From product production, warehousing, accounting, shipping, displaying and most important coordinating & selling at your events.
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Our goal is to successfully promote and market your Tour, Concert, Fair, Festivals, Race Track or Special Event… anything you need to get to the public.  We accomplish this by using the media outlets (TV, radio and print) and social media.  We work to get your product or message on TV and radio shows, write-ups in magazines, blogs, newsprint and other print outlets.  We accomplish this through weekly pitches, press releases and other promotional means.
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Social Media 
We will develop a custom approach for your business to leverage social media marketing, local search marketing, mobile marketing platforms, as well as internet marketing methods utilizing organic search to engage with your prospects and customers on their turf. In this way we will build you a network of loyal followers as well as establish social authority for you and your business. As a result your customer base will increase.
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