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Specializing in bringing sponsors together with relevant events, organizations, non-profits, entertainment, sports, causes and would be TV properties, Touring Pro Events helps deliver the most cost effective marketing vehicles in the form of relationships. Touring Pro Events specializes in increasing sales through focused and targeted sales efforts - enhanced by out-of-the-box creativity. Through advanced research of prospective sponsors, extensive listening, industry knowledge, and a close working relationship with our clients, Touring Pro Events drives revenue with minimal cost or impact to the event/property.

All sponsorships are not equal in value to all sponsors, so they must be sold on a value basis, not by maintaining a strict menu of benefits. With over 20 years of experience, Touring Pro Events relies upon that experience and current industry knowledge to present the greatest value proposition within controlled cost parameters.

Using Touring Pro Events for your Sponsorship Sales, you gain a range of valuable benefits:

Marketing and Promotional ideas to Increase your Brand Recognition and Value to Sponsors. There is a lot when it comes to marketing and promoting Sponsorships. We specifically look at your property as the Sponsor would and create strategies to attract Sponsors with unique marketing and promotional ideas.

Out of the box thinking for your property.  Find corporate sponsors you may have overlooked. We work to grow your event by analyzing the sponsorships of similar events, identifying sponsors that may not know about you or your event.

Develop Unique Sponsorship Packages.  We help you develop unique and valuable sponsorship packages that are appealing. We know how to market and promote your sponsorship by crafting unique packages that enhance and improve the event.

Getting Sponsorship in the door.  Sales of sponsorship is a difficult and challenging task for some.  We have the knowledge and contacts to get sponsors in the door at a faster pace. We act as your sales department and you can also treat us as your marketing assistant. We will negotiate all of your deals to make sure we maximize the value and dollars that come in the door.

Activating your Sponsorships and increase your chance of renewing Sponsors.  When Sponsors are brought in, they need help with coming up with unique Activation ideas and strategies.  We help your property with building this relationship and making your property more attractive when it comes to renewing or renegotiating the deal.  A Sponsor looks to work with an experienced and forward thinking property and we help you achieve this task.

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